AI-powered exam prep for Behavior Analysts

Our trained AI model will generate a unique questions for you based on the parameters you set for each test.

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A Dashboard for the important stuff


The important stuff at a quick glance

We will show you your overall grade over every test you have taken with us. There will also be a graph that shows how your grades have progressed over time. There will be quick access to the 10 most recent sessions and finally a bar graph that shows your overall grade in each Task List section.

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Quick Test Review

In question review, you can quickly look over your past test results. If you click on one, you will be taken to a more in-depth look of each question.

May 31, 2021

1hr 30m


May 30, 2021



May 29, 2021

1hr 15m


May 28, 2021



May 27, 2021



A more in-depth look

Here you will see if you got each answer correct. Along with the correct answer being highlighted, you will have access to the rationale behind why the answer was correct and the Task List section that the question relates to. Only, Premium accounts will have access to the rationale.

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Start a session with a couple clicks

At the start of every session, if you have an upgraded account, you will be able to adjust the test parameters so you can focus on certain sections.

Focus on what you want

Some parameters that you will be able to adjust are question type, task list section focus, and the amount of questions you want for that particular session.

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